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About Arata Ishida

JW | RP | JP Studied: Nepali at Bishow Bhasa Campus | Ishikawa Naitonal Callege of Technology From Kanazawa, Ishikawa


All Clear Matte Vynil Bible Cover Series. In order to make use of the beautiful cover page of 2013 revised Bible eithr variations of ordinary size and pocket size, We've produced a cover with matte matte type clear vinyl. Protects the Bible from bending and [...]

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“Melon” Natural Soap #Mariana Ocean

"MELON"- Ideal item focusing on advanced anti-aging skin care   Melon extract is contained, and it leads skin in healthy condition with elasticity and shine. Additionaly, for moisturing property, some oil such as sweet almond oil, castor oil etc.. are combined. Juicy and fresh melon [...]

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“Apple Cinnamon” Natural Soap #Mariana Ocean

"APPLE CINNAMON"-  Soap with superior detergency either with cold water or hot water   Olive oil-based soap containing oleic acid which keep skin texture well.Apple's cinnamon extract maintain the skin condition. Either in cold water or hot water, it demonstrates high detergency. Spicy but sweet, [...]

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“Orange Skin” Natural Soap #Mariana Ocean

"ORANGE SKIN"-  Relaxing with reflashing scent of orange   Orange sweet oil is compounded, featuring fresh orange scent. The orange peel have property for scrubing off old skin keratin. [Skin Type] Normal Skin [Materials / Ingredients] Water, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, palm oil, palm kernel [...]

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Rose Hip Natural Soap #Mariana Ocean

“ROSEHIP”- Anti aging skin care efficacy is expexted with rose hip..The ingredients contained in the rose hip prevents skin to be damaged and keeps it smooth. Since dried rose hips are contained, scrub effect can also be expected. Sexy fragrance that flow out of atmosphere. [...]

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